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The Yacht Club de Monaco & The Explorers Club present a curated selection of stories from the world’s greatest explorers, back from the edge, to elevate the aspirations of the most capable oceangoing audience in this world, or any other. The world capital of advanced yachting converges with the world’s greatest storytellers, inspiring us to dream about the future destinations of these incredible vessels. The day will culminate with the prestigious Explorer Awards, celebrating outstanding contributions to marine exploration and conservation.

Environmental Symposium

YCM Explorer Awards




Start your day with explorers back from the brink. In our first session, we’ll hear tales from Mars, the mesophotic zone, and the next great vessel making advanced littoral exploration possible. Expeditions only made possible by engineering of the highest quality, big dreams, and the pursuit of excellence instilled by those leading them.

Nina Lanza, on operating rovers in the oceans of Mars, analogs in the challenges of exploring the vastness of space and the ocean, and preparing the first woman to walk on the moon

Emmanuelle & Ghislain Bardout, on converting a classic sailing yacht into an expedition home for their entire family, scuba diving the abyss, and their ongoing mission to save corals in the dimly lit deep ocean

Tommy “Mbogo” Allen, on the next voyage of discovery, searching for solutions in all 5 oceans, and building a new class of ship fit to explore up the world’s great rivers like never before


  • Barry Clifford, on the discovery of the world’s greatest pirate shipwreck, the golden age of piracy, and technologies uncovering the next great bounty hidden these shipwrecks
  • Rachel Graham, on the place of pirogues, pangas, and pleasure yachts in the race to save sharks, and her work with local communities to help the world’s largest and most cutting-edge vessels to work organically in the lands they sail in
  • Nina Jensen, head of REV Ocean, on building the world’s most cutting-edge expedition vessel, and workshopping with guests where it should go next


The high seas face an uncertain future – hear from those who know it the best, Captains who have sailed it’s most dangerous waters, innovators working to rescue human heritage buried beneath the waves before it’s too late, and an exploration icon who oversaw the U.S. satellite program responsible for weather forecasting, GPS technology, and many other vital data systems for maritime navigation.

  • Carl Allen, creator of Walker’s Cay, on the inception of the Bahamas Maritime Museum, the importance public/private partnerships in driving ocean exploration, and his innovative work to cultivate benefits for all stakeholders in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos
  • Capt. Maiwenn Beadle, the accidental ice queen, on her rise to Captain elite vessels navigating the Northwest Passage, and challenges she has overcome to get there
  • Kathy Sullivan, American Shuttle Astronaut, spacewalker, and former head of NOAA, on the importance of relying on expertise, and lessons learned from orbit.


The goal of every expedition, every journey, is to return safely and tell tale of where you’ve been. This is not always the case, and can sometimes end in tragedy. Yet explorers still boldly go where others have not gone before, and will continue to do so as a foundational element of the human spirit. First, hear from four men who personally knew those aboard the Titan, on what went wrong, but more importantly, why we should still go back. And lastly, we wrap with the legendary Bertrand Piccard, on the anniversary of his global balloon circumnavigation, to inspire us on the search for nobility of purpose and why we explore

TITAN: Behind the Headlines
A unique, first-hand conversation about the TITAN subsea disaster, and the future of deep ocean exploration, featuring

  • Josh Gates, host of Discovery’s Expedition Unknown, who commissioned a study on the TITAN and explored filming an episode alongside the Titanic wreck
  • Victor Vescovo, father of the Five Deeps expedition, the most successful manned deep ocean expeditions to date, and first man to the bottom of the five deepest points in the Ocean
  • Nico Vincent, French subsea maestro of Endurance22, responsible for all underwater operations in the discovery of Shackleton’s iconic wreck in Antarctic waters, who cut his teeth to tales of iconic countryman P.H. Nargeolet
  • Club President Richard Garriott, descended to the Titanic in a Mir submarine in 1998, flew to the ISS aboard a Soyuz in 2008, and descended to the Challenger Deep with Vescovo in 2021.

Closing session – Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard, scion of the Piccard family of exploration icons and among the world’s greatest explorers in his own right, on the search for nobility of purpose, and the 25th anniversary of his historic Breitling Orbiter 3 expedition, the first non-stop global circumnavigation in a balloon

YCM Explorer Awards

Organised under the presidency of HSH Prince Albert II, since 2018 the YCM Explorer Awards La Belle Classe Superyachts have been recognizing owners who stand out for their commitment to protecting the marine environment, be it in the design of their yacht or how they use it. Awarded by a jury of professionals, four prizes pay tribute to these men and women who, as true explorers of tomorrow, perpetuate the “Art de Vivre la Mer” philosophy which is at the heart of the Club’s core values. This year’s award categories are: Technology & Innovation, Science & Discovery, Adventure & Environmental Ethics.

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