Lürssen Yachts – ALICE (A Lürssen Innovative Concept Experience)

Dive into the world of innovative and sustainable yacht design and be inspired by this bespoke yacht model that shows how the near future of a Lürssen yacht could look like. Many of the following technologies and developments for sustainable yachting are already implemented on Lürssen yachts today:

– An emission-free fuel cell generates electrical energy based on hydrogen reformed from green methanol. – Teak is replaced by fast-growing and lightweight organically farmed wood that meets the high standards for yachts with the same exquisite look and feel.

– Waste heat recovery utilisations recover heat emissions for use within the HVAC system, for both heating and cooling-purposes.

– Mirrored glass windows around the owner’s deck where reflecting the heat serves as thermal insulation and reduces energy load of the air conditioning systems.

– Parks and ponds transform the yacht’s deck into a natural paradise, which – when combined with the living walls in the interior – create a unique ecosystem on board.

You have missed seeing the model at the Monaco Yacht Show? No problem! This yacht model will also be on permanent display at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. The Miniatur Wunderland is the world’s largest model railway and one of the most popular and most visited attractions not only in Germany but in Europe.


More information:

ALICE – climate neutral yacht: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq_5j…

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About Lürssen:

The German yacht builder Lürssen has earned an international reputation as the specialist in exclusive, bespoke yachts of outstanding engineering mastery. The privately run company was founded in 1875 and remains solely in the hands of the fourth generation of the Lürssen family. With a workforce of 2,800 employees, Lürssen maintains eight state-of-the-art facilities in northern Germany. The headquarters are located in Bremen.

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